On Being a Jerk

It seems my blog post from yesterday has created a little firestorm.  I have had many comments, both public and private about it, good and bad.  I have had some say I was unfair and offensive.  I even had an unfriending on Facebook over my post so I thought I’d address any possibility that I behaved like a jerk.

I certainly didn’t mean to offend or behave like a jerk.  I was simply trying to tell my story.  If the telling of my story was offensive and I behaved like a jerk, I apologize.

Yesterday’s blog was a story from my perspective.  The telling of my stories will always be from my perspective.  They are my stories, my observances and my experiences.  Not all people will agree with what I have to say and that’s OK with me.  What’s not OK for me is for any of you to ever think I’m being a jerk or acting ugly.  The story I told yesterday was a re-telling of bad behavior I witnessed.  I wasn’t trying to add myself to the mix of bad behavior.  

Maybe I should have focused more specifically on the behavior of the coaches rather than bring the behavior of the boys into the equation.  But when you have coaches leading kids their behaviors become intermingled.  The coach on the team who told his players that he hates our team is a problem to me.  That is where I should have completely and totally zeroed in because that is where the problem was…with the behavior of one individual.

Stan has often told me I hold people to incredibly high standards.  From coaches, to teachers, to friends and family, no one in my circle is exempt from the high standards I set ~ myself included.  I try hard to be a good friend and a good person.  I want to set a good example for my kids to follow.  So, if my behavior was jerky, I apologize.  But I think it’s incredibly important to pass on high standards of behavior to our kiddos…for the love of all of them.

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