Who Am I to Judge?

I rarely, if ever, talk religion or politics to anyone.  I just don’t.  Not because I don’t have a stand on my beliefs but because I’m not here to cram my beliefs down anyone’s throat.  But today, I came across this article that truly spoke to me, from a religious perspective.  And for once, I thought I’d share my thoughts on this very timely, hot button topic.    

I think I may like this new pope.  Love Catholicism or hate it, you have to give this man credit for trying to draw people together.  Pope Francis is living up to his namesake, St. Francis, and I’m impressed by him more and more each day.

Today there is an article on CNN entitled Who Am I To Judge?  In the article Pope Francis says, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” All I could think was, “THANK YOU!!”  And I couldn’t agree more.  I don’t care whether someone is gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, black, white, Asian, Mexican, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish or whatever.  As long as they are leading good, decent and honorable lives does it really matter that someone is gay or a lesbian, or black or white? NO, it doesn’t!  I’m so glad Pope Francis said what he said.  I think he is working hard to show that he is living a life filled with compassion for all and he is leading by example.  He is a living and breathing embodiment of what I feel religions should do, lead their followers and believers to live a life of compassion and understanding.

Most often, though, religions fail miserably at leading by example.  Wars are begun over religious differences.  Hate-filled speech is spewed forth by a few over zealous “believers” who think there is only one way to believe.  People are persecuted and damned in the name of religion.  I don’t think a God who created such a diverse and beautiful world full of diverse and beautiful people would try to cram a one size fits all mentality down our throats.  Sometimes, to me, religion is a sad and pathetic anti-testament to how were are supposed to live our lives.  But I’m pretty sure I can follow Pope Francis’ example.

You might not agree with me in what I’m saying.  And that’s fine.  But, to me, if gays and lesbians want to be in committed, monogamous relationships sealed with a blessing from clergy and family, why shouldn’t they be allowed to?  And truly, what does it matter to anyone outside of their relationship whether they are allowed to marry?  Shouldn’t the two who are in the relationship be the ones to make the decision whether to marry or not?  Why should anyone be allowed to pass judgment?  Pope Francis says he’s not here to judge.  So why should anyone else be here to judge?

I can tell you, I’m definitely not here to judge.  It’s never been my place to judge.  I just want to live a good and honorable and decent life.  It’ll be up to the man (or woman ~ blasphemy, I know!) upstairs to pass judgment on me when my time comes.  In the meantime, I’ll work hard to teach my kids it’s not their place to judge either.  There are plenty of others out there who will pass judgement enough times over for everyone.  My kids don’t need to join them.  I’d rather they join forces with Pope Francis.

4 thoughts on “Who Am I to Judge?

  1. Having followed the saga of the US Catholic nuns in recent months, it had appeared to me that Pope Francis might be following the unbending policies of Pope Benedict. With this statement about not judging homosexuals, I must admit he's much more open minded than I ever expected. What a wonderful pronouncement. I'm in complete agreement with your statements.


  2. Thanks!! I'm hoping Pope Francis changes a lot of things within the Catholic Church, otherwise we're going to lose our youth to Churches willing to grow and embrace change.


  3. Just started reading your blog today. Love it! This post perfectly words what I have always believed. Thank you for putting it into words!


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