The Class of 2014

Flashback to August 2000…

I had a five and a half year-old little boy, an almost three-year-old little boy and a nine month-old baby girl.  Zach was the five and a half year-old. He was ready to leave the world of preschool behind and head off into the big, wide world of elementary school.  In early August of 2000, Stan and I loaded all three kiddos into the car one evening for kindergarten orientation.  I remember sitting in tiny desk chairs next to my 230 pound husband, who looked like a hulking giant in those tiny chairs, and as we sat listening to Zach’s soon to be teacher speak I held onto a wriggling baby all while trying to keep the two boys from disrupting the entire evening.

Zach was a bundle of nerves and energy as his teacher talked about the upcoming school year.  And as I listened I heard her say something that hit a sharp nerve and brought tears to my eyes.  She said, “From now on, I will have your children by my side for more waking hours than you will.”  That was the brutal truth.  All of those baby years I thought were so tedious, and wished would go more quickly, were suddenly at an end.  Zach was no longer a baby.  He wouldn’t be by my side, under my feet, annoying his brother and sister all afternoon.  Now he would be in the care of his teacher until 4 in the afternoon and it made me more than a little sad.

In the blink of an eye Zach went from chubby newborn….

 To Precious baby…

 To curious toddler…

 On to a crazy three-year old

He moved on to the four-year old…
and turned into a big brother twice over.

     Before I knew it, he was a big ol’ kindergartner

But a goofy and fun loving one at that!

Fast forward to August 2013.

Yesterday to be exact.  Yesterday, I went with Zach for the final time to pay his fees for high school.  This year, Zach is a senior.  He will graduate in June of next year.  And while I though time went fast from babyhood to elementary school, I have to say the entirety of his school years have flown by with nary a thought for me wanting to halt them, just a little.  Yesterday, I saw a young man who will do big things, go great places and leave me all too soon.

I have to say, though, I enjoyed every single minute he let me have with him yesterday.  You see, it’s now gone from me wishing the baby years would go a little faster to me wishing I could spend just a little more time with them before they all leave the nest.  I’ve learned to not wish my time away with any of them.  So yesterday, I surreptitiously recorded my day with Zach.  And as I looked through these pictures, and watched Zach interact with his friends, I saw a young man who is still so much like the little boy above.

A little goofy.

Posing for the camera (and it wasn’t mine)
Studying his schedule intently

But also a very mature, sweet, kind, responsible kid who tries his hardest to be best person he can be.

This is where the tears stung my eyes for a second.

The Cap and Gown Table

After we finished paying fees I had the pleasure of going to lunch with my favorite kid from the class of  2014.  He never fails to impress me with his wit, wisdom, humor and compassion.  I couldn’t be more proud of Zach and how grown up he really is.  I just wish time didn’t go by so quickly.

Oh, for the love of my children…

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