Life with Lucas

Oh god help us all…it’s another Lucas post. I  have to say I it’s easy to write about Lucas. He gives me plenty of material, that one.

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, but today’s shenanigans solidified the need to tell these stories.

A few weeks ago, as we were preparing to leave for Canada and hockey, I told both Lucas and Claire to talk to their teachers so they could bring any make-up work with them. Claire’s response was typical Claire…”Already done.  All of my teachers know. They’ve already given me my work and I know exactly what I need to do.”

The conversation with Lucas, on the other hand, went something like this…

Me: Lucas, you need to remember to go to your teachers and get your work before we leave.

Lucas: Why? Where are we going?

Keep in mind, we were going to Canada for Lucas.  It was his team’s tournament.  We were driving 12 hours in a car to watch him and his team play hockey.  And he couldn’t remember where we were going…

Me: (a few beats later) Umm, we’re going to Canada.  Remember?

Lucas: Oh, YEAH!

Me: So remember to talk to your teachers tomorrow. OK?

Lucas: I’ll try to remember, but I’m not sure I will.

Me: Well, write yourself a note so you remember, please!  This is important.  This could affect your grades.

Lucas: I’ll write it now.

Me: Good!  Thank you.

And I wipe my brow with the back of my hand as I exclaim “PHEW” behind Lucas’ back.

A little while later I walk into the kitchen to close it down for the night and I see Lucas’ note ~ to himself.

Well, that about sums it up.  It’s brief, to the point and not signed “From Lucas” as many of his other notes to himself have been.
On the bright side, he did remember to talk to his teachers and get his work so he was prepared for our trip.  Gotta look at the bright side.  
Fast forward a week or so.  
My mom was having cataract surgery last week and I needed to drive her there and home.  It was going to be early and dark.  I didn’t need my dad trying to drive my mom, it would be like the blind driving the blind ~ no lie or exaggeration.  I didn’t think I could have lived with if something happened and it’s a huge part of the reason they’re here ~ so we can help when they need us!  So I was her scheduled chauffeur for that morning.
I just needed to brief the kids.  I would be leaving far before anyone was up.  They were going to be on their own for breakfast.  Lunches would be ready and waiting on the counters, except for sandwiches in the fridge.  
Claire – CHECK!  She’s got this handled!
Zach – CHECK! NO worries with him!
Lucas – Uhhhh…
The conversation went something like this…
Me: Lucas, don’t forget your sandwich tomorrow.  I’ll leave the rest of your lunch on the counter, but you’re going to have to remember to get your sandwich out of the fridge.  
Lucas: OK, but can you write me a note?
Me: Sure.
So I did.  I wrote one and left it on top of his lunch and I wrote another and left it on the door of the fridge.  They both said almost the same thing…
He remembered his lunch.  Thankfully!
Now, on to today…
I’m sitting here at my desk.  I’m diligently working on my next book when I see a text from Lucas at 2:22.  School goes until 4.  He’s texting me from school. That’s a big no-no, unless the school is on lock-down or unless…
Lucas: You should most definitely pick me up.
Me: Ha! You’re funny!
Lucas: This class is useless
I don’t even know which class he’s in at this point so I just respond ~
Me: No. It’s not.  All classes have use.
Lucas: Not playing games all class.  
Lucas: We are just listening music and playing games.
Lucas: AND we have to go to school on President’s day.
With all of their snow days they’ve had, we just found out this afternoon that President’s day is no longer a holiday.  It will now be a school day like any other.
Me: I know! That totally blows! But I thought it would happen.
Lucas: So pick me up?
Me: Can’t you see the sign on my door? 
Lucas:  I would if I was home
Me: Hahahahahaha!
Lucas: I know I’m hilarious. Now I should get to come home.
Me: READ THE SIGN! I’m writing and I may bite you!
Lucas: Ok ok. So I don’t have to go to hockey, right?
Lucas’ team has been a train wreck for most of the season.  They did one thing right and they won a tournament taking us to Canada.  Other than that they have had zero, zip, none, nada, zilch and I mean NO success! Lucas and the rest of the team are ready for this season to be over.
Me: Omg. 
Me: Yes. You have to go to hockey
Me: It’s your last practice before your last league game.
Lucas: hahahahahahahaha
Me: You’re killing me, dude!
Lucas: Sorry. I’m done
Me: You’re giving me plenty of blog material today. 
Lucas: Good
Me: Writing it now as a matter of fact.
Lucas: Lol
He just came in from school, laughing.  He walked to my door, put his face in a pain of glass and gave me his great Lucas grin.  I called him into my office. He came over to me, chuckling the whole time. And so I did what my sign on my door says I might do. I bit him.  Ever so slightly and lightly and through layers of clothes, but I did get my teeth on his sweatshirt.  He can’t wait to read this blog, so I guess I better get it edited and posted.
Oh, for the love of Lucas….

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