Last night, Lucas, Claire and I were sitting in the kitchen talking about spirituality and the absolute need in our lives to believe in a higher being. As we talked, I told the kids how my beliefs have let me shift away from the “all about me” prayers and the “Please God grant me this” prayers, to the “Thank you, God” prayers. It doesn’t have to be a big thankful thing. It can be the littlest, tiniest, most inane thing that makes me thankful and make me send my small prayer up. It can be anything really. It’s just a way for me to stay connected, grounded and focused on the good in my life and to keep the negativity from coming into focus.

Last night I likenend my prayer process to first world problems. When we focus on our first world problems we can get caught up in “woe is me mentality.” But I told the kids, if you shift it and turn it and shape it, any little problem can be a thankful thing. So last night, the kids tried my prayer process and it came out kind of like the gratitude challenge I’ve been nominated for (twice) so it gave me an idea for today’s blog. I’m going to turn the first world problems we came up with last night into day one of my gratitude challenge.

Last night Lucas, Claire and I came up with these thankful things…

I’m thankful for the paper stickers on the toilet bowl brushes I bought the other day. (You know the ones I’m talking about. Those stickers that don’t come off in one fell swoop when you try to peel them off. The ones you have to sit and pick at for a while to get the small bits that stay behind. Those pain in the butt stickers. The ones that drove me batty for a half an hour as I picked and picked and picked at them.) It means we have indoor toilets, and they need to be cleaned.

I’m thankful for iPhones that sometimes turn off when I’m in the middle of doing something. It means I have an iPhone.

I’m thankful that I have to clean my messy bedroom. It means I have a room of my own.

I’m thankful Netflix won’t load when I want to watch my favorite show. It means I get to spend time with my family instead of watching TV.

I’m thankful for homework. It means I get to go to school and learn.

Last night, as we were talking, I wanted the kids to understand my different way of praying. I wanted them to understand why it’s more important to thank our higher being, our God, for any little thankful thing rather than wasting time being annoyed with minor inconveniences. We have so much to be thankful for. And I think Lucas and Claire got it last night. They know first world problems are just minor annoyances. They know how fortunate we are, even when #FirstWorldProblems sometimes get in the way.

Oh, for the love of my children….

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