Five words. Three sentences.

Dear Darlings,
There are three sentences (okay, some might not agree that these are all sentences, but for the sake of this blog, they are all sentences in my mind) in life I think you should know well and embrace. I know my own kiddos know these sentences, but I’m not sure if they know how vitally important they are. I’m not even sure if they know why these three sentences are what I consider the most important of important. Strangely enough, “I love you,” isn’t one of these three. Not because I don’t think it’s vital to life, it just impacts a different part of life…the private part of life. The three sentences I want you all to know will likely have an impact on your success and well-being in life. Not only will they make you feel good, they’ll make others feel good as well. And that, my sweet friends, is what we all like to call a win-win. 
My high school bestie was the one who pointed out the importance of my first favorite sentence. She said, “You know, I never hear your family apologize to one another. I hear the words, but the meaning isn’t there. Every time one of you says, ‘I’m sorry,’ it’s dripping with sarcasm.” 
“I’m sorry.” So much is conveyed with these two words, but only when they’re delivered with sincerity. When I was a kid, and my high school friend told me that my family never truly apologized to each other, I vowed to do things differently. So I learned long ago to not add one, little smidge of sarcasm when I apologize. True apologies get you everywhere, ones dripping with sarcasm put you in the smuckatello category. That’s not a place you want to be. Trust me. I know too many people who reside there and they’re not anyone I want my sweet peeps to hang out with. 
When my kiddos were little, they were taught early on that the tiniest sentence makes the biggest impact. 
“Please.” One word. Big payoff. Use it often. It works wonders in a greedy world. You will stand out because of this one word which glows in importance. 
But my favorite sentence in a wee bit longer. It’s two words. 
Have you ever noticed those people who take things and take advantage of others without thinking a thing of it? The entitled ones. You know who they are (and it better not ever be one of you. I will find out and I will hunt you down) the ones who cut you off in traffic, cut in line at the store and look through you like you don’t exist?  Always taking. Never giving. These people, the entitled ones, never think to utter the tiny sentence that makes my heart sing. 
“Thank you.” Life is always good for the entitled ones, so why should they ever think to utter two little words to make others feel good? When someone takes time to do something for you or be there for you, make sure they know how appreciated they are. Two little words. That’s all it takes to make someone feel good. 
Please know I’m not perfect in this, but I try. I truly try to make sure I say, “I’m sorry,” when I wrong someone, to say, “Please,” in all situations and to say, “Thank You,” when someone does something nice for me. I don’t always succeed, but I do try…For the love of my children…


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