Never underestimate…

Dear Darlings,

Never underestimate the power of cute shoes. In March of 1991 I often pulled my favorite, ice-breaker-moment shoes out of the closet. They were brown, pointy-toed flats with big clock faces on the top. Many conversations were started because of those shoes. I can’t tell you how many people used to ask me the time because of those “watches” on my feet. They really didn’t tell the time, but it didn’t matter…they were a big hit. They were unique and quirky and fun.


I met Stan because of those shoes.

I was out at the bars with my girlfriends when we ran into Stan and his group. My shoes. They attracted his attention. He still remembers what I was wearing when we met, and he always starts the story of that night with the shoes.

I know this story sounds a little shallow and trite, but it’s really not…if you dig a little deeper. Those shoes embodied part the part of me that wasn’t afraid to be unique and myself. They let me express a side of my personality that captured attention. I met my Prince Charming because of those shoes (trite, I know…but it’s true).

So, as you go forward in life, remember to be you. Be a little daring, or go for bold, and never underestimate the power of cute shoes.



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