A Mother’s Day Celebration. Pandemic Style.

Dear Darlings,

Some things about this pandemic have absolutely, 100 percent sucked, but I will take one beautifully stunning memory with me for eternity because this happened.

Mother’s Day weekend. Pandemic style.

A couple of weeks leading up to Mother’s Day I was asked what I’d do if life weren’t plain ol’ cancelled. My answer, “Go to the movies.” Years ago we went to see The Great Gatsby on Mother’s Day and it’s one of my favorite memories. In the past several years, though, the kids have (begrudgingly) planted flowers in our front yard for me. We’ve gone to brunch and then gone our separate ways. I’ve gotten cards, flowers, breakfast in bed and been spoiled to the nth degree. But none of it compares to this one.

Day One…

On Friday, Zach took me golfing. And yes, I said “Zach took me golfing.” My sweet man-child invited me for an afternoon on the course with him. (Here in Virginia, the golf courses are open, and we were not in violation of our statewide lockdown.) While I’m no stellar golfer, the day was perfect! I had a couple of sweet drives straight down the fairway, a couple of good puts, one good chip, only lost six or seven balls, found about eight balls, was given a free glove out of the deal from the guys in the pro shop and got to spend an entire afternoon with Zach, all of which made me feel like I donned the Green Blazer after winning the Masters.

Day two…

On Saturday, Stan and I pulled up to the house. Zach’s car was there. We spent the previous day together so I didn’t expect to see him again so soon. Curious. The garage door was open and Bella, our dog, was roaming the driveway. Not so curious, but there were posters hanging down from door. Curious. Claire popped out and back in, calling our wayward dog, and acting nervous. Curious. After a smidge of mad scrambling on her part this is what I saw…

Movie playbills adorned the posters I saw hanging from the garage door, with Claire sitting pretty behind the “ticket counter.” Stan had to “buy” our tickets with the large wad of Monopoly money he was (semi) surreptitiously given by Claire, who doubled as ticket seller and ticket taker.

These sweet kiddos of mine (spearheaded by Jo (Lucas’ sweet girlfriend)) built me my own personal movie theater, complete with a fully stocked concession stand (with home made pretzels. A real treat), a bar, a projector onto a sheet they hung off the wall and they named it Pork and Pictures. And only I got to pick the movies. It was all mine. Heaven at home! And then it got even better…they made dinner and cleaned up!

Day Three…

Sunday, Mother’s Day, dawned just as bright. Hot tea and lemon water were delivered to me in bed while the kids scurried around trying to get breakfast going before I came downstairs. They had a feast planned. A huge fruit bowl, eggs, sausage, bacon (can you say processed pork products three time fast?), homemade cinnamon rolls, mini-muffins and mimosas rounded out the meal.

In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, I had asked to watch a movie together and go for a hike, but never did I ever expect the day(s) I was given.

And they did go on to indulge me in a hike around Belle Isle.

In the midst of this pandemic these sweet people of mine blew me away and gave me a day I will cherish forever, not because of any physical gifts, but because of the gifts of their time and what their imaginations brought forth, giving me the best ever Mother’s Day. Pandemic Style.



Oh for the love of my children…

One thought on “A Mother’s Day Celebration. Pandemic Style.

  1. Wowza,
    That was an awesome weekend. Very creative and unique. Gotta love those chillens of yours.
    Super impressed. Well played Pokey’s!! Well played indeed.


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