JD Combs

My first novel is available for purchase on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it!

What happens when the virtual world and reality collide? Charley Dempsey is a devoted wife and mother of five who seems to have the picture-perfect life. After years of living in a neglected marriage, Charley begins to question the relationship she shares with her husband, Garrett. After spending sleepless nights journaling and trying to find happiness in the life she has, Charley has the chance to spice up her dull and loveless existence. When an old high school crush strikes up a conversation on the Internet, and an innocent flirtation begins, Charley starts to feel alive and vibrant. A chain of events is set into motion, and Charley is propelled into a situation where she quickly learns not everything is what it seems. Will her naiveté in the online world push her to the point of no return? Will the woman who seems to have it all lose it in the blink of an eye? Or will Charley finally find the happiness she’s been craving?

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