A day in the life!

Last week I watched Julie and Julia and it inspired me, as I am sure it has countless others, to begin a 365 day committment to blogging. I am undertaking this as my oldest child comes to a milestone…his driver’s license. These are scary new days! It seems like just yesterday when I was helping him take his first steps, watching him learn to run, helping him learn to ride a bike and watching him learn to play hockey…

Up until this point I have had the pleasure and pain of driving him and his two siblings absolutely everywhere and anywhere they want to go. It has been a pleasure because the rides to and from practices and games are the times when this Mama gets all the dirt, either from the kids confiding in me or because all of the kids are talking, forgetting I am in the driver’s seat so I get the dirt by default. It has been a pain, well-because, I am their beck and call Mama! “Mom, I want to go to the gym.” “Mom, can you drive me to the party? I don’t know what time it ends so just be ready to get me when I call.” The requests come fast and furious. I am here to honor their every beck and call. Isn’t that why Moms were put on this earth, to answer all the needs and desires of their little darlings?

I will miss these days…not that they are over yet. I still have between six and nine months before the Holy Grail of “freedom” comes into our lives. Trust me, though, I am not going to hand the keys over to my newly appointed driver and say “Go!” There is trust to be built.  There are rules to be followed.   And there is money to be earned for gas and insurance. Our new driver will be under careful watch and one little slip up will result in big consequences.

I want to take time, in this milestone year, to document my feelings, my thoughts and my reactions to my kiddos growing up.  I feel like life is flying by so quickly and I want my all of my kiddos to be able to look back on this time and understand, just a little, how much they are loved always and maybe they will also come to understand the hows and whys of life while they were growing up.

My goal with my new blog is to write as truthfully and as honestly as I can about my life with my kiddos.  Sometimes, it seems to me, we take life with kids far too seriously, never wanting to admit any imperfections ~ but isn’t that what life is all about?  Living with and through imperfections?  For me, my goal is to create a blog that is not so serious and “perfect” but a place where I can poke fun at myself, my parents and can engage you, my dear reader, as we move into this year full of milestones! At least this is my hope and I would love for you to come along for a peek into a not so perfect life, but one which is full of love, laughter and heart.

So, here we go—Oh, for the Love of…My Children!

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