Day 2…oh, what a day!

As I predicted, yesterday the boys “asked” me for a ride to the gym. Gotta love teenage boys (or girls for that matter). God love ’em, the world revolves around them! The two oldest (we have a fabulous Czech exchange student with us right now) came down and announced they were going to the gym. No asking, just announcing. So, guess what I did? Yep, you guessed it…they went to the gym. I just wanted to hang out in my comfy clothes on the last night of winter break, but instead, I was the beck and call mama.

I look at this time as a time of wanting to have no regrets when the kids leave home. Is that wrong? Sometimes I think so.

 Take today for example. Zach, the oldest, had an orthodontist appointment. Lucas, our blond child, had a skating lesson with his coach. And Claire, the baby, had to be picked up from swim practice. As any reasonable mother would, I dropped the oldest at his appointment so I could take the blond one to his lesson. According to Zach, the world should have stopped for his orthodontist appointment. I should have been at his beck and call to get him AS SOON AS his appointment was over. Goodness forbid I have another child in another location! It is all about making sure the teenager is happy! But I am trying for no regrets. Thank heavens teenagers sleep a lot…it minimizes exposure time so we don’t kill them…

As Zach was telling me that I needed to be there to pick him up he reminded me of how different life would be—if only he had his driver’s license! This time is coming to an end far too fast. As much as I moan about driving them and picking them up and being at their beck and call, I love it. I love being a mom. I love being with my children. I can’t imagine life without this chaos.

Oh, for the Love of My Children…

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