Day 3 – Fun from the beginning

As we were talking about my blog last night our exchange student, Jan (pronounced yahn) told me I would probably be blogging about him today. Boy was he right! Last night he mentioned wanting to go play hockey after school. There was another subtle hint about wanting to get his gear to school. Then he asked (yes, I did say asked!) if I could drive him to school the next morning so he could bring his gear with him, that way he wouldn’t impose on his friend to bring him home, get his gear and head to the rink. I told both boys it would be fine to drive them to school, knowing I was driving to Alexandria to visit our favorite Auntie Mame who rcently suffered a stroke. I planned the morning around an 8:20 departure when Jan comes strolling down saying he just got a text from his friend, at whose car he needs to drop his gear, saying he needed to get his gear to school by 8:10—that means moving up departure time by 20 minutes. I don’t know about you but I don’t have a spare 20 minutes built into my morning schedule! I run a tight ship in the morning with the precision of a drill sergeant. This throws a complete wrench in the morning’s schedule! Arrrgggghhhh!!!!! Luckily, Dad came to the rescue! He drove Jan. I drove Zach. Yep, you read that right…two boys, same school, different departure times and different drivers. Crazy, loco parents!
It gets a little crazier! Both both have broken bones but they also have hockey practice. Guess where they are right now? Yessirree, they are at hockey practice. Zach has a full cast on his arm so he is just going to check in with his team. Lucas just has a small cast on his arm so he can practice with the rest of his team. Can’t rest those legs. Gotta keep ’em strong! The season is in full swing. They wanted to go, so off they went! Again, crazy, loco parents! Thank goodness we still have two with all of their bones in tact—knock on wood.
What a whirlwind, what a life. Never a dull moment when it’s for the love of my children…

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