Day 6…kickoff to the weekend…

Claire has a swim meet in a little while. She is beyond nervous about her 200 IM (for all of you non-swimming folks that stands for individual medley. She will swim 50 yards of each of the four stokes). She has told me repeatedly this week that she wants to quit swimming next year. She does this at the start of every meet where she has an event that freaks her out. She has never tried to swim a 200 IM so as she sees it, she’s gonna fail! Drives me nutso! She is a beautiful swimmer who does well in nearly every event she tries. Her weakest stroke is freestyle…go figure! When she announced to me that she was quitting I was in my drug induced stupor and in no state to fight back. Gotta keep working on her so she can overcome her fears without wanting to quit every time something gets a little scary. Isn’t that what holds a lot of us back, the fear of failure? I don’t think I have ever heard someone say “Ohhhh, I can’t do that. I am soooo afraid I will be such a success!” Success comes from failure. I am here to help my kiddos learn something I never learned.

The boys are different. Ever since Zach started hockey he has taken it as a personal challenge to get better than other players on his team. He would pick out one player on his team and say “See that kid? I’m gonna be better than him someday!” Lucas just bulls his way through and always seems to land on his feet with a smile of his face. Jan is competitive and knows his strengths. He is willing to try something different and get better and better. He took up lacrosse as soon as he got here. With limited English skills (at the time)he figured it out and became a respected member of his team.

Boys are wired differently, to be sure. And I think society as whole, fosters the competitive streak in our boys more than we do girls. But I don’t think boys are as afraid failing as girls are. Am I wrong?

Well, I’m off and running. Gotta get the boys to the gym, Claire to her swim meet and then to her dance classes. Oh, for the love of my children…

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