Beginnng the weekend with a bang!

This morning saw us trying to get three kids in three different directions. Lucas had to be at a friend’s house to be on the road to Greensboro at 7 a.m. Zach had to be at the ice rink at 7 a.m. to be on the bus to Pittsburgh at 7:30 and Claire had to be at the pool by 7 a.m. to begin warm ups for her meet which started at 8a.m. Nothing like having to get three kids to three different locations all at the same exact time!

Luckily, Claire won all three of her heats today and now LOVES swimming…ahhhhhh, thank goodness!! She and I had a long talk about swimming and learning to see the signs of her anxiety before it causes her to want to quit something she truly loves. I think she understands.

After all of the chaos of the morning the day turned out great. I spent time with a fantastic friend. Stan and Jan went to play hockey. Claire went to a movie. The frosting on the entire day, though, was the date I had with Stan. The movie was cute, the dinner was tasty (and cheap-ish…$60 for dinner wine! Those are like prices from long, long ago!) but the company was out of this world!!

We returned home to another round of chaos unleashing with the craziness of hockey parents…if we just took the adults out of kids sports it would be so much better. The drama that is created when parents start making mountains out of molehills is insane. I think I will make a movie entitled “The Hockey Parents Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain” or maybe I can get a network to pick up a new soap opera called “As The Puck Spins.” Crazy!

Oh, heavens, what we do for the love of our children…

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