The winning weekend that wasn’t…

The hockey boys didn’t see a single win this weekend. Lucas’ team came closest with a tie, other than that his team got smacked around by the competition and the coach. Luckily, the boys didn’t turn on each other. Lucas’ team is interesting. There is very little talent on his team, they haven’t won a single league game, the coach doesn’t teach them any hockey skills but the boys have hearts of gold and rarely give up trying—leading them to a great time together.

Zach’s team is on the complete other side of the spectrum. The team is brimming with talented players, they win often, the coach teaches them the skills they need, they have a blast together but the burning desire for the win sometimes gets thrown to the wayside in pursuit of a good time.

If we could just combine the good from both teams we would have the makings of another “Miracle” team. I wish there was some middle ground for these two teams. It’s a fine line to walk with kids’ sports. As a parent you want the team to be successful but at what cost? Do you want the coach to take all of the fun out of it to make it a “win at any cost” team? Or do you want the kids to have a great time, play some hockey and move on after getting their butts kicked? The answer lies somewhere in the middle and when I find it I am going to patent it and become rich!

These next weeks will become more and more interesting as the boys watch their teams play without being of any help on the ice. Lucas is almost being driven insane by the fact that his doctor told him he could play with his cast on but we are not letting him. I don’t think we need to take any unnecessary risks. Zach is feeling angry right now. He got off of the bus mad as a hornet. It was interesting to hear his perspective on what happened with his team over the weekend and why they couldn’t put any W’s on their score sheet. Zach’s frustration began when he watched his team get cocky with a two point lead and then just stop playing because they had the lead. I asked him why he didn’t say anything to his team and he said “Teenages don’t listen to anything other teenagers have to say. They only listen when their coach starts screaming at them.” Interesting.

Jan had his first ever hockey game here in the States yesterday. He got worn out, checked into the boards, did some checking of his own and had a blast….even with the loss. Stan says he quite a shot. I am sure with a few more games under his belt he will light up the lamp by putting the biscuit in the basket (cheesy, I know, but it made me chuckle).

Thank heavens Claire had a successful weekend, otherwise it would have been full of – Oh, for the love of…… children!

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