You have GOT to be kidding me!

Last night I went to a hockey board meeting and came home to this greeting from Stan, “Did you know Zach broke his front tooth?” Uh, NO I didn’t know…I was sitting in a board meeting! BROKE HIS TOOTH! REALLY?!?!? Two broken bones and now a broken tooth. Dagnabbit!! How did this happen, you wonder?! Hockey? Goofing around with the siblings? Running into a wall? All good guesses but all are WRONG! He dropped his iPod on his face while watching TV! Say it isn’t so, please?

So I take him into to my dentist this morning because I know he does fantastic work on fake teeth. My dentist is a retired Air Force dentist who is about 60 years old. He comes to me and say “You know, I have to say he looks like a bad ass with a broken tooth and his cast. I wouldn’t mess with him!”. Well, gee thanks Doc! Just what I want, a 14 year old bad ass! Zach thinks it is awesome!

On top of all of this the kids had a “snow day” today. No snow, it rained. Glad we got to stay home for rain.

Oh, for the love of my children

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