Uh oh, boredom has set in…

I came home today after running errands to find the longest, saddest face sitting in the kitchen. It was a pathetic sight and my heart hurt for him. I wrapped my arms around him and asked what was wrong. “I don’t know,” he responded. “I just feel out of sorts today.” I prodded a little further and here is what he told me. “I am bored! I want to be driving to hockey games. I want to be watching the boys play hockey. I don’t just want to be sitting here! I am BORED!” Yep, that was Stanley! Stan did get to drive Jan to a 7 a.m. hockey game this morning…I thought that would help ease the pain of being away from the rink. The boys have found other activities to fill their days but for us it’s taken quite a toll. The boys go to sleepovers. They walk to Five Guys Burgers. They go to the gym or hang out at the mall. We, however, are at a loss. We are so used to going, going, going all weekend long when we are idle, it’s not normal.

All of the sporting activities filling the kids’ days and weekends also provide us with friends, fun and fellowship. Now we have to actively search out things to do and for parents who are used to having activities planned for us this is quite a difference. Luckily, this time is coming to an end soon. Lucas’ cast comes off on Tuesday so he will be playing games again next weekend. Zach gets his short cast Tuesday so he will be back to practicing with his team and cheering them on during games. Our time in hockey exile is coming to an end. We still have Claire’s swim meets and her dance but the combination of all of the sporting activities is what makes it all so fun.

Ah, never mind, we may never get back Zach into the hockey rink…he was out in the back yard “shredding” down the hill on his mountain board. He fell, hit his wrist and his ribs and now has ice on his other wrist. He may never get healthy again…especially if I catch him going down the hill in a cast! We may be bored away from the rink but life is never boring in our house.

Oh, for the LOVE of…..my children!

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