The Eating Machine

Zach is an eating machine. He eats and eats. He eats like nobody’s business. We went to a friend’s house the other night for a party and he immediately went to the food table. He circled and swooped. He circled some more. He is a vulture when it comes to food. He started with at one end, worked to the other end and went back again. He tried everything. He tried it again and again and again. I asked him if I could take his plate and throw it away. His hands reactly instinctively and covered his plate. “NO, I’m going back!” Wow!

This morning he had a dentist appointment to fix the broken tooth. The dentist didnt’ realize the severity of the repair so he asked us to come back an hour later so he could make sure he had plenty of time to fix it and fix it right. So we took the hour and went out to breakfast with Stan, Lucas and Claire. Zach and I got to Boychiks Deli before the others so Zach perused the menu and figured out what he wanted. After Stan, Lucas and Claire arrived our waitress came for our order. Zach ordered first. He asked for a Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese bagel, a bacon and cheese omelet with home fries and a plate of sausage gravy with biscuits. He ate it – ALL. The waitress was stunned. If I wasn’t so used to the vast quantities of food that are consumed in this house on a daily basis I would have been stunned too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t faze me. But at least his tooth is fixed.

Oh, for the love of…our children!!

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