Ah, JEEZ!!!

These are not such simple times for Claire. Her competition dance team is getting ready for their first performance. Not so sure how she is going to handle the stress of this environment. There are so many moving parts to keep track of. She has her hat box, her garment bag, her dance bag and her makeup bag. In all of those bags she has little bits that need careful watch. For swimming she has ONE bag with three to four things in it…much simpler.

Claire nearly lost it yesterday as we were trying to get ready to go to dress rehearsal, eyes filling up with tears, quivering chin, shaking shoulders…nearly lost it. She is CERTAIN she has to wear her competition costume. I disagree…for the pre-dress rehearsal at the studio she is supposed to wear her black leotard. “I can’t find one,” she says, on the verge of Meltdown City. “I put them both in the laundry hamper,” she tells me as she frantically digs through the hamper. Oh heavens, Claire, this is nothing to cry about! Crisis averted — leotards found exactly where they should have been but Claire didn’t look because she was too busy steering herself to Panic Highway.

As we were on the road to dance she tells me she forgot her dance bag at home. So we flip around to go get the stinking dance bag, all the while I am muttering a few choice comments under my breath! She is now 10 minutes late for pre-rehearsal. Gonna have to get a little more put together for this or it’s just not gonna work!

I prefer simplicity. Swim bags, hockey bag….they may have a lot of parts inside them but it’s all in ONE bag! Simple is not synonymous with dance so I am going to have to get ready for complex, but I will do it for the love of my daughter!

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