Sweet Comfort

I know I talk a lot about Zach and Claire in my blog. The reason is simple. They are the dramatic ones, the ones who constantly work me over, for good or bad. Lucas and Jan are the opposite. Lucas and Jan are the easy going ones, the ones who go with the flow. Thank heavens for them. They keep a great balance in the house.

Lucas the one everyone turns to for a laugh. He is quick witted and funny, when he doesn’t try. He can get all of us laughing with his funny accents and general goofiness. Jan is so even keeled and easy going in our day to day operations. The only time he gets a little frazzled is when the boys go out of their way to scare him. Today, Lucas filmed him playing “Scary Maze” and his reaction was priceless. (Try it, if you haven’t played it before.) All of the boys go out of their way to see who can be the scariest and get the biggest screams…makes for interesting mornings, let me tell ya’! I’ve seen them nearly lose their towels as they head form their bathrooms back to their bedrooms as they are getting ready for school. I think if they actually lose their towels it might just scar them for life!

It will be a different house around here when Jan goes home. Zach has said everything from “Jan is not going home,” to “I don’t know what I am going to do when Jan goes home. He is like a cool Lucas.” Poor Lucas, not the cool little brother! But it goes to show how much Jan and Lucas are alike.

What a fun house we have…everything from drama to funny to scary! For the love of my children…I wouldn’t change a thing!

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