Where the heck is Nana?

Today is it. Surgery day. Hopefully, they give me some good pain killers because I almost came out of my skin with the screw procedure…not sure what was worse, going in or coming out. I am so glad I changed my mind about them using the screws. That was a pain I never want to experience again. I had three babies without drugs, but that pain was UNBEARABLE! So hopefully, my doc will have something good for me.

The kids are prepared for the upcoming week, I think. I was telling Zach that I had everything ready for them so they could survive the week without me. I told him what was available for breakfasts and that Dad has dinner under control. As I was going through my spiel he interrupts me by putting his hands on my shoulders, looks down at me, ever so seriously and says “Whoa, whoa!!! Stop! What do you mean I have to fix my own breakfast? Where the heck is NANA?? She should be here taking care of us!” He doesn’t want her here taking care of me. He wants my mom here to take care of HIM!

Ah, for the love of….My children!

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