Having Some Fun…

Stan’s having fun at my expense but that’s fine. I am bringing this all on myself. This jaw surgery/going back into braces was all my idea. Not a medical emergency just a true pain to live with. Anyway, he is giving me new title ideas for my blog posts. I am sure you will see some of these titles as time goes on. The first title is “Spongebob Square Pants.” That’s coming soon ~ I think a centimeter of space in between my two front teeth will qualify me for full Spongebob status. How about this one “My Effing Mouth Hurts?” The time for that one is now. His third and final title (so far) is “Eating Corn Through a Picket Fence.” Now that paints a charming picture! Hopefully, I won’t be able to do that!

I do know through all of this it will help me be much more sympathetic to Lucas when he goes in for round two of his orthodontia and the again when Claire starts with her braces. Maybe that’s why I subconsciously chose now to get this done. So I can sympathize with my children and for the love of my children.

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