My Ass is Numb

It truly is. I am not used to so much inactivity. The last time my backside saw this much downtime was when I was on bed rest with Zach. That sucked. This really sucks! I do not like be down. When I was on bed rest with Zach I was alert and could switch from position to position. I could lie flat. I could lie on my side. I could sit up. I could move around, in fact I wanted to move around because of the drugs they gave me to stop labor. But this down time is markedly different. I need to stay upright, so that means staying on my back side only. I need to sleep upright to minimize swelling, so that means staying on my back side. And really, I don’t want to move. The drugs they gave me to help with pain have made moving like trying to swim through jello. So slooooooooooow.

Today is the first day I have been upright more than supine since Monday. I slept Tuesday and Wednesday away. Thursday I moved a bit just to prevent bed sores. Today I was truly up. I even drove Claire and her posse to dance. I haven’t driven since,ummmm, Sunday? As I was getting in the car I whacked my head on the door of the car. I hit so hard I felt my teeth rattle….they could have rattled because they are moving, but the point is they rattled! I shook my head to regain a sense of normalcy. As I was shaking my head, Claire was prattling on and on about something or another and she repeated whatever it was she was talking about phrasing it as a question to me. I snapped. Do you remember Ally McBeal’s secretary’s line “Snappish!” Well, that was me in a nutshell! Snappish! Don’t know if it was beacuse I rattled my teeth, Claire was going on and on or if I had enough of my ass being numb. I just know I can’t sit still this long again or I will risk being Snappish all of the time…for the love of….my children.

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