Not the Newest

My license plate says it all. We are the TRVLN ZU. My car might not be the newest but it gets us from point A to point B quite nicely, thank you very much. The car is full of all of the trappings of a family who is on the road constantly. There are the gatorade bottles after practice. There are movies aplenty and usually snacks abound in the car. I have a Zoo. I do. It’s a fun zoo but it’s a zoo.

I think sometimes in life we get so busy…We are busy with activities. We are busy with school and work. We are busy checking out the stuff everyone else has. We just get too busy to focus on what really matters. We forget to look in at all the good “things” we have. I am not talking about actual things but the intangible things we have. Our families are tangible but the love we share in our families is intangible. It is so easy to look out at everyone else’s stuff and be completelty dissastified with what we have, right in front of us. I think that is why we constantly want the newest, the best, the blingiest. People get busy and forget where to look to fulfill their heart’s desire.

I try to remind myself to look within at what we have so I am not dissatisfied in my life. But I do sometimes find myself looking out at what others have and forget about both my zoo and my ZU. Both get messy. Both get dirty. One needs a new paint job. The other can always stand some buffing and cleaning behind the ears. Sometimes I want a new TRVLN ZU to get me from point A to point B. I want the newest, the best and the blingiest TRVLN ZU. I actually looked at new TRVLN ZU’s while I was lying around in bed after surgery, but then I remembered the important stuff. I remembered how happy my Zoo makes me…dirt and all ~ for the love of my zoo!

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