Oh, hockey games…

So, I ventured out into the big wide world this weekend for the first time since my surgery. My outings were to hockey games, go figure! Zach’s team had three home hockey games. Home games…can you believe it? I was so excited. I haven’t watched hockey in what seems like forever.

I also hadn’t been out in the world in almost a week. It is strange how small your world becomes when it is confined to the walls of your house. I had to rely on others to provide me with outside entertainment. My world became very small.

Thank God for hockey this weekend. I got to interact with people, get some much needed fresh air and watch the boys WIN – not only win but win decisively. Three games and three shut outs! Way to go!

I love our hockey families. Talk about a great group of people. Hockey people get a bum rap. It’s a shame. We can be loud. We can be obnoxious. We can get a little crazy. But underneath all of this insanity beat hearts of pure gold. There are some, as in any youth sport, who give all of us a bad name. Their behavior makes those of us who are “normal” cringe. I have said it before, hockey fans are not like other fans in all of the ways described above. But we are a loyal bunch. We put up with the total crazies because they are being the most loyal of fans to their own teams. Thank God for the crazies…they make the rest of us look GOOD!

Ah, Hockey…how you broadened my world this weekend. Crazy, you say? Yes, I say but we are in it for as long as my children love it…it is for the love of my children

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