So here we are again, in the throes of sporting events. I find that we are crazier than ever…literally crazy! I think we have lost our minds and I’ll tell you why.

Lucas. His team has two games this upcoming weekend. Which, in theory is good, becacuse he had no games last weekend. In reality, it sucks! He has one game in Hagerstown, Maryland on Saturday at 10:30 and then his second game is Sunday at 2:30 in Frederick, Maryland. Yes, you read the times right. 10:30 and 2:30—on two different days! Does this make any sense to you? It doesn’t make much sense to me. Especially, considering Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and Frederick is three hours away. I don’t know many men (or women for that matter)who are anxious to give up the Super Bowl to drive home three hours home (on I-95 no less) from a one hour hockey game! But we will drive 12 hours this weekend for two hours of hockey because we are CRAY-ZY! 12 hours of driving, you think to yourself? Yes, 12. Because the games are so spread apart, time wise, I don’t see the wisdom to stay in Maryland over night…besides, I want to be home in my own bed with my hubby. Not in some hotel room with a bunch of stinky hockey gear and one smelly hockey player—alright Lucas probably won’t be too stinky after his shower, but still!

Luckily for us the other two hockey players have games at home and at times that don’t interfere with the Super Bowl…so at least we’ve got that going for us.

Yes, we are indeed CRAY-ZY but we must push through the craziness for the love of our children…

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