Single Momming It

Being a parent is a challenge. Being a single parent is brutal! I am only a single parent for 20 to 30 days a year with Stan’s travel schedule. This weekend counts for four of those days. I can not imagine doing this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This weekend is a a challenging exercise in organization and flexibility. It makes me wish I either had a clone or a wife.

Last night was the beginning of the craziness. Claire and her friend, Emma, had to be picked up from swim practice at 4. Zach had to be picked up from lacrosse conditioning at 5:15. Claire had Sock Hop at her school at 5:30. I had carpool duty with Lucas and one of his team mates for hockey practice at 7:30. Zach had to be at his hockey practice at 8. Luckily, Jan didn’t have any type of practice last night. I finally got in the house at 9:20 last night and that was with Zach getting a ride home from his hockey practice. Whew, I feel like I am reliving it all over again. I am exhausted from just writing it down!

Mornings usually run pretty smoothly. I have the whole thing down to a science. Claire gets up first. I fix her breakfast and make her lunch. By the time I am finished with her it is on to the boys. A dozen cheesy, scrabbled eggs with fruit and yogurt smoothies gets them on their way. This morning was a little different. Lucas had to be at school at 8 to meet with his math teacher. So I had to drive him to school. The last thing I said to Zach and Jan was “Don’t miss the bus. I am not driving you.” Well, what do you know? My phone rings as I am dropping off Lucas. It is Zach telling me they missed the bus. “Start walking,” I tell them. I could have strangled both of them at that moment. Zach said they were at the bus stop and the bus drove right by them. Really? Did the two knuckleheads just stand there and let the bus drive right on by? Likely story! Luckily, for them my neighbor had pity on them (or me) and drove them to school. This morning did not run smoothly. I don’t like mornings like this.

The weekend should be interesting. Between the three boys there are six hockey games. Lucas’ has three games in Yorktown. Zach has one game here and one game in Maryland. Jan’s game is here. Claire’s schedule is easy this weekend, thank goodness. This weekend is the first weekend in six weeks that Zach is back on the ice playing hockey. His cast came off on Tuesday. He will be in a splint but he will be playing. To say I am a little nervous is an understatement. I still haven’t figured out how I am going to get everyone everywhere. We are lucky to have a hockey “village” to help get kids to and from games. But, right now I wouldn’t mind that clone or wife! Interesting sums up the state of this upcoming weekend.

My parents also arrive in town this weekend. They fly in late tomorrow night so they won’t be any help getting kids to and from games. They are coming in to finalize the purchase of their new house here in Richmond. Yep, they are leaving Manhattan, Kansas and moving to Richmond. Their house is on the market and they bought a house here. The kids are beyond excited to have Nana and Granddad close. They are at the perfect age to always remember having their grandparents close and part of their lives. It has been 15 years since we have lived in the same town as anyone from our family. There will be an adjustment period, to be sure, but it will be a good move for them and us.

This “single” mom is tired but so very thankful. I have a slew of friends to help get kids from point a to point b. I have a husband who works hard to be the best in everything for us and our kids. I have kids who may drive me crazy occassionally but who are terrific and loving always. So I will continue on with my single mom duties for the love of my children…

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