Off and running

And so the weekend begins with hockey and more hockey! What a whirlwind of a day. This is my first opportunity to blog today because the day has been filled with HOCKEY and driving…I think they must go together!

Zach had his first post-cast hockey game. He was nervous going in but played a great game. He went into the boards a little funny in the second period and played a little tentatively afterward but all in all he played fast and strong. Zach’s team won, which was a nice little notch in their belts heading into playoffs. Woohooo!

As soon as Zach’s game was over I slipped back into the TRVLN ZU and headed to York, Virginia for Lucas’ game. It was a zero/zero nail biter well into the second period when the opposing team ~ otherwise known as the “bad guys” pulled ahead with a nice five-hole goal. Our team fought back and got a goal to tie the score at 1-1. What was beautiful about this goal was the teamwork they employed to get the goal. One of our leading scorers passed the puck to the coach’s son, who has not scored a goal all season and is the youngest player on the team. The coach’s son catches the pass, shoots and scores! It was beautiful. Both teams are scrapping to win and the bad guys pull ahead again with two minutes left in the game. The clock is running. The game is going too long because of penalties and seconds are flying off the the clock. 40 seconds left in the game, 30, 20, at 10 seconds I bend down to collect my things only to hear our fans erupt cheering. Lucas scores the game tying goal with five seconds left on the clock! I can’t believe I didn’t see it go in the net! He was beyond estatic! I was so happy for him. Claire and I greeted him as he came out of the locker room and he was all smiles. We said our good-byes to him ~ he is staying overnight in York. Claire and I were headed home. But as we were leaving he hugged me and he hugged Claire and said “I love you” to Claire! That is what a good goal will do for a big brother, put a little love in their hearts!

The joy of hockey being in full swing. Jan has his game tomorrow morning and from there I leave with four smelly hockey players and one awesome hockey mom to head to Maryland for yet another hockey game! Ah, for the love of my children…

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