The O Word

I’ve never heard either of them say it. I’ve noticed over the years a gradual changing in both of them but last night my father made it official. He said he is getting Old. I cringed when I heard him say it. It sucks watching your parents age. When I was a little girl my dad was the strongest man in the world to me. He used to joke when I would touch his arm to be very careful not to break my fingers because his arm was made of pure steel. Now, he says he is old. That sucks.

I know aging is a part of life but watching the aging process in your parents is not comfortable. It is a comfort, though, to know they are moving here to be a part of our daily life. The kids are getting to know my parents on a much different level. They are getting to know them in a way where we can joke around about some of their personality quirks and traits. Zach and I will give each other a quick glance every time my dad gives his short, little bark of a laugh. Zach loves hearing him laugh like that. The kids are so comfortable having them here. I am so very thankful my kids will have time with my parents getting to know them on a daily basis. The memories we will all carry with us will ease the discomfort of watching my parents age.

My kids are fortunate to have this opportunity to get to know my parents. There is not the same kind of relationship to be had by visiting grandparents. I had one visiting grandfather and I was always envious of the relationship he had with my cousins. He lived with them and there was an ease to their relationship. With visiting grandparents there is always an element of maintaining your best behavior, wanting to make the best impression possible in the short time the grandparents are visiting. My kids will get to know my parents and my parents will get to know my kids…the good, the bad and the ugly.

Watching my parents age is going to suck but I am thankful my parents are going to be around us. It is going to be messy at times, perfect at other times but this whole package is for the love of my children…

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