I understand the need for tryouts but part of me hates tryouts. Another part of me despises tryouts. Right now, Jan and Zach are in the midst of tryouts at school. Jan is trying out for their high school tennis team and Zach is tryout for their lacrosse team. Both boys are working hard and doing their best. My problem with tryouts is what if their best isn’t good enough? That is what I hate about tryouts.

I know both boys are nervous. There is a nervous energy flowing through the house. Both boys are busting on each other. Jan wrote on the chalkboard wall in the kitchen “Deep Run LAX sucks.” Zach responded with “Tennis tryouts are cancelled today because it is too cold. LAX is on for today cause we can take the cold.” (Jan’s tennis tryouts were cancelled yesterday due to the cold. Zach told him tennis players are a bunch of wimps!) I will be so glad when the nervous energy is out of the house…with both boys (hopefully) having made their respective teams.

I know tryouts are a part of life. I know not every kid can play every sport at school. I know all of this but it still doesn’t help quell the nervousness I have for the boys. As Zach started his first day of tryouts he texted me to let me know he would be finished much later than we originally thought. I responded with this text “…Good Luck! Play hard, show what you’ve got and have fun!!” I think when the kids are having fun in their chosen sport they are much more able to “show what they’ve got.” Hopefully, the character building experience of tryouts will be outweighed by the joy they both have for their sports.

Even though I hate tryouts I will support and encourage them through this (and any) tryout process and beyound because to do otherwise would be shortchanging them in the future. I will do this for the love of my children…

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