Winning, Losing and Everything In Between

This weekend was full. Full of all that life has to offer. It was a weekend full of possibilities and pitfalls. This weekend left me wishing for another weekend so I could recover but I enjoyed every second of it. Time is going too fast and the more full our weekends are the faster they go.

Claire’s swim meet was the first event on our agenda. She had six events at a championship meet in Manassas, which is about an hour and half away from here. She and I went alone and it was some fabulous time to spend with my daughter. I don’t often get to drive her to events outside of Richmond. It was the best. Some good ol’ Mom and Claire time…just what the doctor ordered. Claire did great in her swim meet! While she didn’t achieve the coveted “A” time she dropped time in every event in which she compteted. She came away from her swim meet proud of her achievements and looking forward to improving more and more. Neither she, nor I can ask for more than that.

Zach had a packed weekend as well. Lacrosse tryouts followed by a semi-final hockey game. (His hockey team was playing for a chance at the title in their hockey league.) Tryouts went well, so I was told. The semi-final game went well, so I saw. They won and advanced to the championship game. So far in this weekend we have seen a lot of winning. Here is where some losing comes into the story. Zach’s team lost the championship game in an ugly game. They did not play well together. Pass, shoot, score ~ it did not happen. Zach took the first penalty less than a minute into the game. The refs called him for “boarding.” Zach called it “checking.” Zach plays a BIG game. He likes to be physical. He likes to hit. Not to hurt, just to do his job and knock the opponent off of the puck. When the refs take away the ability for him to hit he doesn’t do his job. Zach and the rest of his team played a tentative game, not wanting to get called for stupid penalties but they got the penalty calls anyway. The league title was not to be for them this year. Damn. I hate that for them! Zach spent the remainder of the day waiting for the results of lacrosse tryouts. I think making his high school lacrosse team took a little of the sting out of losing the league title. Not all of the sting, but a little. There was a simmering anger eminating from him as he read the list of team mates. Some of his friends did not make the team. Anger rising at the thought of good kids being cut from the lacrosse team. Zach had quite a full weekend.

Jan made the tennis team and I couldn’t be happier for him. Our high school tennis team is a highly ranked team and Jan made it! He asked if I would come watch him play if his match is at home. How could I not? I will be at as many of his matches as I can. I already have the schedule on the calendar! I will be there cheering him on!

Lucas was just along for the ride this weekend. His story was the “everything in between.” He was our party boy this weekend. Thank goodness for Lucas. He kept the winning and the losing all in perspective.

As full as the weekend was with winning, losing and everything in between I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I posted something on my Facebook wall about the weekend’s schedule and one of my friends reminded to enjoy because this time is gone so soon. I know the kids will be gone before I know it. This weekend made me think of the line from the movie “Love Actually” when Colin Firth’s character, Jamie, is driving Aurelia home and he says “It’s my favorite time of day. Driving you.” Aurelia responds, in Portuguese, “It is the saddest part of my day. Leaving you.” It will undoubtedly be the saddest part of my day when my kids leave. So for now, I will selfishly enjoy every minute of and try to complain infrequently. For the love of my children…

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