Stepping Up and Stepping Down

Life is full of ups and downs, the good ups, the bad downs, the stepping up to volunteer and the stepping down when your time is done. As of next month, I am stepping down as the secretary of the board for the boys’ hockey club. I have done my job for the past two years and now it is time to let someone else take over the reigns. I enjoyed my time on the board – for the most part. It was a necessary evolution or evil, however you want to phrase it. I stepped up, did my job. I had some ups and some downs during my tenure on the board and now it is time to step down.

I have volunteered my time for my kids in many capacities over the past years. It all started in preschool, volunteering to drive the kids on their field trips. It continued on in elementary school with chairing various committees, volunteering in the classroom or chaperoning field trips. It continues on now with me stepping up where I am needed or asked to be. My volunteering for the kids will continue on until it is not a necessity anymore. For me, volunteering has been my way of being involved in my kids’ schooling and activities. I enjoy being in the thick of their life and activities.

The hockey board was a natural evolution because the boys are so passionate about their sport. How could I not be passionate too? I think I may have driven some of the other board members crazy with my passion but I did whatever I did in the best interest of all of the kids in our hockey organization. Now, it is time to let the board evolve again. I will still be in the thick of things volunteering to do what is needed. I will step up when necessary but for right now I am glad to be stepping down.

Sometimes we, as mamas, get too involved and become over taxed. Those are the times when you say “WHAT have I gotten myself into?” I think we have all done it. I was there a couple of years ago. I didn’t know how to say “No.” I have shed many of my hats and have learned how to say “No.” It is a liberating feeling, saying “No.” Mamas need to stay involved and active in our kids’ lives but getting over taxed and over stretched does no good for anyone. This applies to dads as well but I think men are better at saying no. They don’t feel the guilt mamas feel. They say “No” and move on. Mamas, on the other hand, fret about saying “No.” Then they don’t say “No.” Then when the mama becomes completely overburdened she snaps. I know. I have done it.

I will continue doing what is necessary to be actively involved in whatever passion the kids have. I will continue to volunteer at school. I will try not to let myself get overly sucked in. I will step up when needed, step down when my time is done and I will do it for the love of my children…

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