Mom Has SO Much Time

Ah, Lucas! You gotta love him! He has absolutely no filter. Whatever is in his brain comes out of his mouth…good, bad and ugly.

After our time at the beach the other day we made our way to one of the many eateries along the strip at Virginia Beach to satisfy our rumbly bellies. We were all enjoying each other’s company and some good ol’ Mexican food when the topic turned to P909X, the fitness dvd’s you see advertised on TV, lead by the uber-fit Tony Horton. Zach and Jan decided to take on this monumental fitness regime. It is a crazy-hard set of dvd’s all designed to get you fit in 90 days. It works but it is one of the most difficult exercise plans to follow because of the extreme commitment. Stan bought the set for himself when he turned 40. He wanted to give himself the gift of getting fit as he hit the big 4-0. He stuck with the program and did well but the time involved was, ultimately, too much. The dvd’s sat on the shelf until Zach and Jan discovered them. During our Mexican dinner the boys started talking about how to do it right (I don’t think Mexican food is on Tony Horton’s menu plan) and stay committed.

Zach and Jan started asking Stan questions on how to and what to do to get most benefit out of P90X. The conversation went back and forth for a few minutes and then the boys asked Stan “why did you stop?” Time was Stan’s answer. He told the boys he doesn’t have time to commit over an hour a day to working out. It’s true. P90X took a lot of Stan’s time and he doesn’t have a lot of time to spare but he did get results. I think the boys will get even bigger results. They are young and the benefits will be evident quickly.

It was at this point in the conversation Lucas pipes up and says “Yeah Dad, I can see that. You have a job. But Mom could do it! She doesn’t do anything all day. She has SO much time. Mom, why don’t you do P90X?” God love Lucas! No filter.

I thought Stan was going to wet his pants laughing as we recounted the conversation yesterday. If it were anyone but Lucas I might be a little offended but it was Lucas, he has no filter and he means no harm.

Ah, for the love of Lucas…

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