My Heart’s Greatest Desire

A sister…I always wanted a sister of my very own. I wanted to fight and bicker over clothes, accessories, make-up, whose room was bigger, boys or whatever sisters fight and bicker about. I wanted to snuggle under covers late at night whispering sister secrets, doing each other’s hair and make-up or whatever it is sisters do snuggled in the lateness of the night.

My first taste of “sisterhood” was when I went away to college and had to share a room for the first time. It did not go well. I was young and immature. She was self-absorbed and pretentious. My immaturity did not go well with her pretensiousness. I never experienced anything remotely similar to this situation. I didn’t know how to handle it so I packed my bags and left but my greatest heart’s desire was still to have a sister.

My time in college provided me many opportunities to try on sisterhood and I fell in love with it. Most of my college roommates were nothing short of amazing. I treasure the memories I have with each and every one of my roommates. They became my heart’s greatest desire fulfilled. They became my sisters.

I think every woman needs to have a sister whether it is by blood, chosen or, for the very fortunate, the combination of both. Women need each other. We need to be able to vent, to share, to help heal wounds and to cheer each other on. For me, my “sisters” are my girl friends ~ the ones I turn to when the chips are down. They are the ones I can call and make my confessions without fear of judgement. Thank God for my girl friends!

There are times, still, when I wish I had a “true” sister but there is nothing to be done about it so there is no use whining about it. I will continue to treasure my girl friends and teach Claire to treasure hers.

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