The World Didn’t End…

And we are here to prove it!

I am so darn thankful the world didn’t end. My schedule was packed tight and I couldn’t fit in trying to survive the apocoplypse…it WAS the apocalypse wasn’t it?

Anyway, it’s been a brutally long day, starting with a 4 o’clock awakening. I woke up with a start and the brain started churning and churning and churning. My guilt kicked into high gear as I was lying in bed thinking of what the day’s activities had in store for all of us. As I went to bed last night, I was so excited to go to a lacrosse tournament for the boys, come home to get Claire ready for (and watch) her first recital of the day, then go back to the lacrosse tournament to finish out the boys’ last two games of the day and head home to pick Claire up from my friend, Julie, after Claire’s second recital…seriously, I WAS really excited to watch my kiddos in their weekend activities! Julie offered, God love her, to take care of getting Claire through the second recital (with four costume changes ~ mind you. Again, God love Julie!) while I went and did lacrosse mom duties. But as I was lying in bed with my thoughts churning, I decided I needed to take a stand. I needed to make sure Claire came first. This is Claire’s recital weekend. It is one of the few weekends a year where her activities are supposed to take precedence.

But it didn’t seem to be turning out that way on this particular weekend. Stan is out of town and the boys have a lacrosse tournament on top of Claire’s recital. It was up to me to get everyone where they needed to be. I worked everything out with others to make sure everyone could do everything. My plan left Claire with not one family member to watch her for her second recital.

She didn’t complain one little bit that no one would be there to see her dance in her second recital. She was more a little more weepy than normal and a bit withdrawn but not one complaint escaped her lips. It was almost as if she was resigned to the fact that we thought her activities didn’t matter. So as I was lying in bed, plagued by guilt, I made an excutive decision that when I went back to the lacrosse tournament both boys would come home with me and go Claire’s recital (after showering thoroughly). Lucas would have to miss his last game so he could go. Both boys acquiesed easily and my guiltly feelings of not being there for Claire would assuaged (isn’t that a GREAT word?). The three boys would be there for their their sister and Claire was in heaven.

I am so glad the world didn’t end! I got to see all of my kids doing what they love! Oh, what a day for the love of my children…

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