Girl’s Weekend: The Truth Untold

Now that I have your attention…I want you to know that I am not entirely sober as I write this…in fact, I may be just a titch unsober but I am more than OK with that. This is ONE time a year when I get to let my hair down and be completely me ~ Girls’ Weekend.

I couldn’t be more thankful for this one weekend a year when I shed all pretenses. I am not responsible for anyone but me and I let it all hang loose. I was introduced to most of these ladies through my friend Leslie when we moved here to Richmond. This is a group of ladies who gets together once a year and in this once a year meeting we have the the security to say anything and do what we want. We don’t cross the boundaries of inpropiety and we do nothing risky but we do share secrets few others know ~ or deserve to know. All of us feel the security to shed all pretenses and leave them far behind.

The desire to maintain any aura of perfection is left in the deep, dark recesses of our brains. We can belch with the best of them. Tell our deepest secrets. Share our darkest desires and be completely honest with ourselves and each other. The maintainece of perfection is far too hard to uphold daily, weekly, yearly without some kind of break. I am so very thankful for the break.

My sisters in our girls weekend together concur. Our love and respect for each other is immense. My wish for all mothers, and fathers, is the time and ability to get away and be ourselves, or re-find ourselves, for just a little while. It is not dangerous or scandalous it’s just us on girls’ weekend.

We all need it for the love of our children…

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