Fantasy Land

WOW! Sooooo this is reality? OK, I think I can do this reality thing again. As most of you know I spent the week with some great girlfriends and as we were coming back today I decided maybe it might not be so bad living in fantasy land.

As we were driving home, I wondered aloud about the thought of living life like the character in a book. What would life be like living only the exciting, fun parts? Wouldn’t it be a hoot to live life as a character in a novel? One of my girlfriend’s daughters has started a blog called “The Blog of Story Beginnings.” Her blogs are well written, entertaining pieces that give the reader a glimpse of the beginning of a story. I enjoy escaping into the beginnings of her stories and sometimes I think it might be fun to live the beginning of a story and move on. My own version of fantasy land.

But then reality hit and I realized how much it would suck to live in fantasy land ~ only living the beginnings. This past week was wonderful ~ sitting on the beach all day chatting with girlfriends, enjoying cocktails whenever we wanted, eating when the mood struck us and being responsible only for ourselves. Life this past week was a fantasy ~ just like the beginning of a great story. But it wasn’t reality and I don’t think it would be fun ~ in the long run. There would be no chance to make connections, have friends or a family if life was lived only for the exciting parts. Turning the page or starting a new story when life gets dull or messy would prevent me from living the life I love. Life as a character in a novel would be, well, novel for a little while but then where would reality be? I love reading “The Blog of Story Beginnings.” The stories leave you wanting more and more. I think that’s how life would be if it were lived like a novel…always wanting a little more of something you can’t get.

I walked into hugs, kisses and squeals of delight when I got home. It’s my re-entry into reality and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My fantasy land story book has been shut and put back on the shelf for a little while….for the love of my children.

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