The Moving Van

My parents’ moving van rolled into Richmond today with a partial load of their belongings. It’s almost completely official…they are almost Virginians! They are still in Kansas, waiting for my mom’s car to be repaired after my mom hit a motorcyclist who cut her off (the people are all OK…the car ~ not so OK) so Claire and I were in charge of checking off boxes and directing furniture into new spots in their house.

The kids are beyond excited to have Nana and Granddad here! When Zach walked up to their house for the first time he looked at their flower beds and said “Good, I can help them with their mulch.” Zach will be driving soon so he will be a much needed set of eyes for them (and all of us) if, and when, they need more help getting around in the future.

I think out of the three kids Zach is the most excited. It does my heart good to know how much things have changed for Zach and his Granddad. Zach used to be so scared of my dad and my dad used to be pretty nasty to Zach (and Lucas). Things changed when the liquor stopped flowing in my father’s direction. I have to say, I’m proud of both Zach and my dad ~ Zach for being able to forgive and my dad for being brave enough to admit he has a problem.

My dad actually seems pretty excited to be starting a new chapter in his life at the age of 80. Good for him! I talked to him on the phone the other day for well over a 1/2 an hour. Amazing! The man of few words, usually, became gregarious ~ I love it!

My parents’ neighborhood should provide them with many new friends and tons of new activities ~ it will be PERFECT for them!

They live far enough away that it won’t be like Marie and Frank from “Everybody Loves Raymond.” They will have to get in a car and make the drive to our house. WHEW!

The next moving van should arrive early next week along with my parents and their newly repaired car. This is a new adventure for all of us and Claire put it well today when she said “This means big changes for all of us.” She’s so right but they are changes for the good. My parents need to have family close by. Families are necessary for the love of our children….

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