The Thrill of a Rainy Summer Day

Do you ever pray for a rain day in the middle of summer? I know it sounds crazy and totally counter-intuitive to pray for a rain day when the kids are home for the summer but MAN, do I ever need a day where I can just hunker down and be so much less than productive. The kids would be underfoot, yes, but I wouldn’t be taxi-ing them everywhere, packing to go to the pool, unpacking from the pool, washing loads of towels…

It’s my fantasy rain day. A kind of day that really doesn’t exist anywhere but in my head. In my head, I see myself sitting in one of our red overstuffed chairs in the living room with my feet tucked under me and a book in my hand. In my head, I see a day filled with a movie marathon ~ all of us sprawled out on the sectional in the tv room with bowls of popcorn, big cups of soda and maybe even some movie theatre candy boxes. In my head, I see myself curled up in the middle of our bed with my eyes closed taking a nap without a hint of guilt at my laziness. My fantasy rain day ends with me emerging refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the “lazy days of summer.”

In reality, I will be taxi-ing the kids somewhere to keep them from being underfoot and bored. In reality, I will be doing laundry. In reality, I will be cleaning up after the kids as they come tearing into the kitchen completely and totally starving that they are like a pack of wild animals, flinging food as the tear ravinously into their sandwiches. In reality, I will emerge from this rain day as exhausted as I started but ready to tackle the next day of the not so lazy days of summer…for the love of my children.

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