A Tiger Mom in Glen Allen

OK, so today I almost lost it with my sweet, talented, bright daughter. She informed me that she no longer wants to swim competitively. WHAT?!?1?! WHY??!!?? HOW did this happen?

I had an inkling Claire might be headed this way but today it came to a full blown head with her telling me flat out she no longer wants to swim. The tiger mom in me came roaring out ~ with a vengance. I told her many things would change in her life if she stopped swimming (Because swimming is such fantastic exercise and it helps keep her body healthy she would have to give up many of her unhealthy habits ~ TV, computer time, candy etc…). I told her she shouldn’t give up something she is really good at just because she hit a little bump in the road. I told her my biggest regrets in life were because I wasn’t pushed hard enough (or at all) to go after something I was really good at doing. I told her I was really mad at her for wanting to give up something she is naturally good at doing. Tiger mom surfaces.

Stan says we shouldn’t force her to do something she really doesn’t want to do. I told him we forced Lucas to give up something he really wanted to do because we didn’t want him to be a goalie in hockey…same thing. Lucas still talks about being forced to give up being a goalie. Regrets. I think Claire would have many, many regrets in the future if she were to give up swimming now. Stan thinks Claire should be able to choose what she wants to do.

Tiger mom doesn’t surface in me too often but when she does ~ WATCH OUT! Ahhhhh, for the love of my children….

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