Casey Anthony

The title got your attention didn’t it? Whether we like it or not, the name Casey Anthony gets attention…good, bad and down right ugly attention.

The trial, ending in Casey’s acquittal on the charges of murdering her little girl, brought a huge cry of outrage from the majority of Americans. Including me.

Like most of you, I believe Casey Anthony got away with murder. I believe it was a complete and total miscarriage of justice for Caylee Anthony. But what I’ve come to accept in the past couple of days, culminating yesterday after reading an article about her attorney, is that we ~ as Americans ~ need to respect the decision of the jury. Whether we believe the jury was right or wrong is not the point. Our constitution says that we are innocent until proven guilty. Casey Anthony was not found guilty by a jury of her peers on the charges of murdering her daughter. We need to respect that decision. But just as Casey Anthony has a constitutional right to be innocent until proven guilty we, as a society, have our rights to free speech. We have the right to say that justice was not served ~ yet.

Casey Anthony will pay for her crimes, though not in the way our society wants. She will be tormented by demons which will possess her in her dreams. She will probably never be welcome into her family again. She will have God to answer to when she leaves this earthly world. She will pay many times over ~ probably more so than she would have paid in prison. What the jury failed to do in convicting Casey Anthony of murder karma will take care of. She will pay for her sins.

What does Casey Anthony have to do with the love of my children? Quite a bit actually…I want my kids to learn some valuable lessons from Casey Anthony. I want them to learn to stand up and take their lumps when they screw up…and screw up they do (as do we all). (Casey didn’t stand up and she didn’t take her lumps.) I want them to learn to ask for forgiveness, and be granted forgiveness, for their mistakes. (Casey Anthony never asked for forgiveness ~ even for failing to report her daughter missing for a month.) I want my kids to learn now how important it is to always tell the truth…as hard as it is sometimes. (Casey’s lies will haunt her to her dying days.) Lies and misdeeds will always come back to bite you in the ass. Standing up, admitting mistakes and screw ups will not always get immediate results, or even the result wanted, but it will spare a whole lot of bad karma down the road.

Stan and I will continue to pound these (and other) life lessons into the brains of our kiddos so they learn to seek help when needed, to always tell the truth and to ask for forgiveness when they screw up. It’s too bad Casey Anthony didn’t learn these lessons ~ forgiveness will elude her and karma will come back and bite her in the ass. She will pay for her sins and our society will get to say justice was served ~ eventually.

Oh, for the love of my children…

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