This is the first summer I have felt like it is not really summer. Most of our past summers were spent lounging poolside or relaxing with a good book. This summer I feel trapped ~ in my car.

Both boys are taking some form of summer school. Lucas just finished a three week math course so he can succeed in Algebra next year. And Zach is taking online P.E. so he can have another elective next year ~ P.E. for him is now a thing of the past! My days are spent in the car dropping Lucas at school by 7:30 and picking him up at 1. Zach needs gym time, so off we zoom so he can work out. Throw Claire in the mix of crazy driving with her swim practices and my days are not much different than the school year ~ the chauffeur hat has not been hung up.

I wrote a piece not too long ago about the not so lazy days of summer. It’s true. The lazy days of summer are a relic of an era long gone. I do realize last week was spent at the beach but DAMN ~ re-entry is so much harder when it’s summer time. Summer time evokes thoughts of long, lazy days filled with fun. This re-entry into reality has been filled with driving, driving and more driving.

Oh, well. I have next week to relax. I just need to drop Lucas and Claire at summer camp, take Zach in for his surgery and the week is ALL mine! With Zach recuperating, hopefully I can sneak away for some quality pool time — all by myself. Maybe then I won’t feel so darn trapped and I will be ready to tackle the rest of the not so lazy days of summer.

Oh, for the love of my children.

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