Back Where I Come From

We’ve been listening to country music lately.  Lots and lots of country music.  It’s a throw back to my days in Manhattan, Kansas.  I grew up, mostly, in Manhattan.  I spent years and years telling people I’m an Army brat (which is true) but what I left out are the 15 years I lived in good ol’ Manhattan ~ the Little Apple.

Kenny Chesney’s song “Back where I come from” has brought back a rush of memories of my, and then our, days in Manhattan.


Stan and I met, married and began our family in Manhattan.  It’s a great little city, one I spent years trying to distance myself from.  I don’t know why people spend so much time denying where they’re from, only to rely back on their hometowns as they look back on their lives.

Manhattan, Kansas may be small town.  It may be different from where we live now, but it was named one of the top little cities to live in.  How many small towns can boast that same title?  I am proud to say I grew up in Manhattan.  Current Manhattanites also seem to be pretty dang proud of their little city too.  A new Facebook group recently started called “You know you’re from Manhattan if…” and it goes on to list little idiosyncrasies about that quaint little town I called home for so many years.

It’s made me wonder where my kids will think of as home.  Wherever it is I hope they look back on their time in their hometown and embrace the place they called home.  Back where they came from.

Oh, for the love of my children….

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