The Swarm

As I sat looking for inspiration for a blog I encountered a swarm.  I’m was my room, ignoring my whole family, with my computer on my lapdesk looking around the internet, my room, anywhere, for something interesting to write about.  (I’m having a blast writing my blog but sometimes inspiration is not easy to come by and I certainly don’t want to write about the boring and mundane ~although, life with kids is never boring or mundane.)

The swarm happened all around the time I set aside to write my blog. 

We asked my parents for dinner tonight, assuming “dinner” meant around 5:30 or 6.  Nope, I guess dinner time to my parents is more around the 4:15 hour…keep in mind we don’t serve blue plate specials here and the price never increases for dinner in our house so I’m not sure why dinner time is considered 4:15 by my parents.  Also, know that when I was a kid dinner was never served in our house before 7:30-8:00.  So, again don’t know why the dinner hour was so early. 

The swarm of people began…

I retreated to my room to write my blog and was sitting comfortably on our bed when the first knock happened.

Stan came in trying to figure out how he was going to get a workout in, it’s 750 degrees out right now (OK, it’s not really 750 but it’s too damn hot out) so working out outside is not recommended.  I suggested using the treadmill.  It’s in our room.  He asked if I would be distracted and I assured him I wouldn’t.  “How ’bout if I run naked?”  he asked.  Well….I’m not sure that would be good look ~ watching him run naked on the treadmill, from behind…

I continued to sit on our bed, looking for inspiration when the knock, knock came…very softly.  “Come in,” I replied.  The handle on the door didn’t turn.  Knock, KNOCK…I heard again.  “Coooooommmmme iiiiinnnnnn!” I said, just a little louder.  It was Zach, who has learned his lesson about knocking ~ the other day, as we were getting ready for the pool, I was changing into my swim suit when I heard a knock on my bedroom door.  Before I could answer the knock, Zach charged right on in to see my standing in the middle of the room in my birthday suit…NICE!  He scurried out.  I finished changing.  I went to find Zach to have a little chat with him and found him lounging on his brother’s bed.  I told him he was going to scar himself for life if he continued with the “Knock and Walk”…knock on the door and walk right on in!  Annnnnywaaaaay…he must have learned because he knocked and waited.  And then he came bounding in like a big overgrown, great dane, leaping about.  He just finished his first summer reading book and he is SO happy!

As Zach was telling me all about his book and being finished there was another knock at my door.  Lucas, who hasn’t absorbed the knock and walk story yet, came bursting in.  He wanted to show me a little recorder he has.  He is recording every sound his voice can make and playing on repeat…so it’s like a tortuous little echo of rude noises.  GREAT!  The swarm of people is complete…

As irritated as I sound writing this, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The swarm of people are the ones who may irritate me more than any others but they are also the ones who make my heart happy!

Ahhhhhh, for the love of my family….

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