The Countdown is Officially ON!

Darn it!  Dagnabbit!  Dogonne! Shoot!  And DAMN!  The countdown is not only officially on, it’s almost OVER!  I started this blog at the beginning of 2011 to chronicle the our life as Zach comes to a giant milestone moment ~ his learner’s permit.  When I began my little adventure in blogging I knew August would be here in the blink of an eye. And I was right ~ it’s AUGUST!

On August 25th Zach has the opportunity to take the driver’s test for the first time.  He has been studying like a fiend so he can hopefully pass the first time.  He has read, read again and re-read the drivers manual.  He has taken the test over and over and over again on the iPhone app. I think he is prepared…but am I?

I can’t believe time has gone so quickly.  It seems like just yesterday Zach came screaming into the world ~ and I do mean screaming.  He has grown so fast.  Only three more years of high school, he reminded me last night as my eyes filled up with tears. I’m gonna be a sobbing mess when he leaves to go to college. 

What I’m not so sure about is how I’m gonna handle the whole driving thing…will I actually like having another driver in the  house?   Will I handle it OK as I hand him the keys for the first time?  Or will I be a sobbing mess as Zach pulls out of the driveway for the first time as a fully licensed driver?  I know that’s not ’til next May but I’m telling you, this past nine months FLEW ~ I am sure the next nine are going to go just as fast, if not faster!  How do parents of new drivers handle it?  I guess I’ll find out soon enough…unless one of you has been through this can prep me just a smidge!

I’m really not sure how, exactly, this is all going to pan out but I know I don’t have much choice in the matter of my kids growing up.  Damn, if it were up to me I’d freeze them at the ages they are now…all a bit of a pain in the ass and just a little sassy but I love it!

15 days is all I have left before one of my kids can take that giant leap into the realm of driving…pray for me!

Oh, for the love of my children…   

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