The Other Mrs. P

I do not like being called Mrs. Pokrywka or even Mrs. P. I truly don’t.   Every time I hear Mrs. Pokrywka I look around for my mother-in-law.  She has the name trademarked.  It is her name.  She earned it and as far as I’m concerned I am happy to keep it that way.  In my mind, she is THE Mrs. Pokrywka.  I have immense respect for my mother-in-law and her name.  I just don’t want it for myself

The first time I was called Mrs. Pokrywka was right after Stan and I went through the saber arch at our wedding. As we exited the arch I was “smacked” in the rear with a saber by Stan’s company commander as he said “Welcome to the Army, Mrs. Pokrywka.”  It took me a few seconds to realize he was talking to me.  In all of the months of planning the wedding, I never stopped to consider that I would become a Mrs. Pokrywka.  I didn’t practice signing Mrs. Stanley Pokrywka or Jennifer Pokrywka or even Jennifer Combs-Pokrywka.  I never really thought about the name change thing.  To me, I was (and still am) Jenni Combs, not Jennifer Pokrywka and certainly not Mrs. Pokrywka. 

The name never stuck with me.  From the very beginning I never wanted to be Mrs. Pokrywka.  I hyphenated my name so I could be my own version of a Pokrywka.  I know Jenni Combs-Pokrywka is a mouthful so most days I am just Jenni.  I like being just Jenni.  I am comfortable with my name. 

My kids’ friends’ parents are not so keen on their kids calling me Jenni.  I understand their desire to have their kids learn to respectfully address adults but Mrs. Pokrywka is not me.  As a compromise, some of the kids’ friends get around things by calling me Mrs. Pokey (Zach’s nickname).  Most call me Ms. Jenni.  A few of the older, braver souls just call me Jenni.  It makes me smile when I hear the kids call me Jenni.  It’s like they are trying their wings at being an adult ~ if I am the one they can practice on, then I’m glad to help. 

Oh, for the love of my children… 

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