A Good Ab Workout

My abs are killing me this week. I think everyone’s abs hurt here at the beach. We have all had good workouts through laughing our butts off.

Yesterday morning as we were lounging around I look over to see Stan and Tim reading rags mags. I almost burst out laughing as I saw them lying on the couches, kicked back reading Us Weekly and In Touch magazines. They were talking back and forth about celebrity gossip and my sides hurt from trying so hard not to laugh at our big, strong men reading gossipy trash.

After reading up on the latest celebrity gossip, Stan and Tim left to go check the minnow traps for fish bait, which they have changed the name to alligator trap because they have caught as many minnows as they have alligators ~ none. A short time later I hear them roll back into the driveway and then I hear Tim start to tell the story of how he fell off the bridge into a creek full of sludge, slime, brackish water and skudge, which, by the way was 12 inches deep. Stan is doubled over, laughing uncontrollably at Tim’s unfortunate fall off of the bridge and into the water. Stan’s giggles were unstoppable and his breathing labored as he struggled to tell the story of Tim’s tumble.

I will do my best to paint the picture as best I can….

Tim and Stan thought they found the world’s best, secret minnow spot. They take the minnow/alligator traps to a secluded bridge and drop them in. The men go back the next morning to check their traps and find them mostly empty. They decide to reposition the traps. As Tim is running back and forth along the top of the concrete bridge, checking to see if the change in locations is helping ,the bridge’s concrete wall it gives way, falling into the water. Stan’s story told of Tim, suspended in midair as the concrete wall falls, and as the wall falls Tim makes a split second decision to launch himself over the remenants of the wall. Tim pushes as hard as he can to get over the wall. His arms and legs akimbo (Stan’s descriptive word on Tim’s limbs) Tim falls backwards, Nestea Plunge style into the nasty, 12 inch deep water below. Stan said his first reaction was to make sure Tim was OK. Once Stan saw that there was no blood, broken bones or anything hurt Stan let loose hooting, hollering and otherwise laughing his ass off at Tim’s expense.

Every time Stan thought of Tim’s fall he broke down into uncontrollable peals of laughter…the whole day. Lisa, Tim and I couldn’t help but join him. I think a good ab workout is just what this (or any) vacation needs. The kids are right there with us in the laughter department so we should all come home ripped and toned!

Ahhhhhh, for the love of my children…

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