How Do You Go To The Beach…

with just one chair, one bag and five people?

For us it was a girls’ day at the beach. Lisa, Claire, Molly and JoJo (Lisa’s shadow ~ her adorable black cockapoo) planned our morning knowing the four girls and one pooch would hang out together soaking up sand, sun and surf without the company of the five boys and two husbands. Lisa and I knew we could pack light…or at least lighter than with all 11 of us traveling to the beach.

Lisa and I packed a cooler of food, a bag of snacks and a cooler with both adult and kid beverages. We loaded our two chairs, two umbrellas, two boogie boards and several bags full of towels and sunscreen. Since our house is located on a canal, we loaded everything into the car, unloaded it onto the beach and set up camp for the day.

Everything’s set up, letting Lisa and I kick back and relax…

We are enjoying everything associated with the beach when three girls come sprinting down the sand and dive, excitedly into the water. Mom and Dad come strolling down behind the girls. Dad has a beach chair and a beach bag…that’s it. No beach toys, no boogie boards, no cooler full of water and drinks, no bags of snacks…HOW? How does a family of five make it for hours on the beach with no provisions?

Lisa and I thought we did well this morning as we packed up the gear for our girls’ day at the beach. We actually did very well when you compare how we pack for all 11 of us…but we could in no way come to the beach with one chair and one beach bag. Looks like we may have overpacked but…

We did use everything we brought so I don’t think we exactly overpacked ~ maybe you can call us a little over enthusiastic in our packing for the day.

But we’ll continue being over enthusiastic for the love of our children…

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