If The House Is A Rockin…

…you might want to check to see if you have a pack of wild boys running amok!

I have stayed in many houses near or on the beach. This is the first one that sways. It sways with or without the boys pounding up, down and through the house. It sways even worse when the boys are pounding around.

It feels like we are on a boat when the house sways back and forth. In the middle of the night I will wake up and feel the gentle sway of the house rocking back and forth. But it is a bit disconcerting. Is the house supposed to be swaying, high up on it’s stilts? Are the boys running amok? If it’s quiet, I know it’s just the house swaying back and forth.

I can’t imagine being here during a hurricane. The boys create their own kind of storm and it’s enough me.

It’s been a fantastic vacation full of fun and excitement. This house is a rockin’ for the love of our children…

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