Packing Up and Moving Out

I hate packing up after a vacation. I when I say I hate it, I mean I detest it. I loathe it.

You take a week’s worth of good memories and shoot them right out the window when it comes time to pack up. Everyone turns sour and surly. Even the good-natured ones get a little testy. I’m not one of the good natured ones. I’m a bit more on edge normally, throw in packing up the house after vacation and my claws come out.

I did manage to not mutter any bads words but I have to say I was snappish ~ I walk up to the kitchen after working to pack our bedroom, our bathroom, do laundry, help pack the kids, throw away trash to I find the kids sitting on their kiesters ~ watching TV. I told them twice to get the trash in their bathroom thrown away, clean up, look under furniture for stray clothes and take their stuff outside to the car. Instead I find none of their tasks done and the kids all sitting around, leisurely, watching TV. Maybe I was more than snappish, maybe I was downright surly.

I wish I could be calm, cool and collected when it comes to packing up. Stan keeps his cool, even while loading kayaks and surf boards onto the roof. He’s the good natured one. Not too much phases Stan. He doesn’t want to take a week’s worth of memories and stain them with bad words and bad moods.

I think I hate packing up so much because it means the end of another great vacation. It’s back to reality. I like living in my little fantasy world, sitting on the beach sipping a frosty beer or a fruity cocktail. I don’t even need people to bring them to me, I am perfectly happy to get up and get my own beer as long as it’s at the beach. It’s not quite the same thing at home. Home is reality. I think I prefer my fantasy life.

Once the house is packed up, reality sets in and we head home.  Reality smacks me harder and harder in the face as the miles tick by.  I like to stay in vacation mode the whole way home.  Stan is just the opposite.  Once the car is packed he reverts to reality mode.  For me, once the car is packed I withdraw my claws ~ trying to draw the vacation out just a little longer.  I want to stop and have dinner.  Virginia Diner and a little fried chicken looks sooooooo good.  Stan says “NO way!”  We are boogying home.  Damn ~ just a little longer?  Just a little more time in vacation mode?  That’s a no can do.  Reality smacking.

Home.  Now time to unload all of what we just packed up.  Luckily the memories are there and no one can take those from all of us ~ not even reality!

Oh, for the love of my children…

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